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  • I am a wife, a mamma, and a Jesus lover. I love most any beach, and spending spare time with my family and friends. A lot of my summer weekends are spent at my families lake house swimming and boating and tanning of course lol. I may sound like I’ve got it all put together, but I’m also human! My shortcomings are binge watching Netflix, listening to music and I require way too much coffee while I do my editing!

  • In all seriousness, I have been doing photography professionally for 16 years. My experience before that included Cosmetology... yes I did hair and makeup! I HATED it. LOL..

  • I have always been fascinated with pictures and cameras. Yes, I will admit, I was “that” teenage girl who forced my friends to let me take ridiculous pictures of them, in ridiculous poses! So pretty much, for as long as I can remember photography has captivated me!


  • I absolutely LOVE everything about my job! Everyday that I get to go to work, is a great day! I specialize in High School Seniors. If you have seen any of the STUNNING seniors I have had the honor of working with, you would completely understand my passion! I love my clients, and constantly meeting new people. I am so blessed to be able to be a part of each of their lives, even if it is brief! The best part of my job is making people feel beautiful and perfect, capturing their unique personality, and creatively going to any length to make this happen!

  • I am a roamer! Roaming around looking for the perfect field of light, searching out an awesome backdrop, and chasing the evening sun is how I create the most magical photo!

    I cannot wait to work with you, and creatively capture your finial moments in HS for you!   

XOXO ~ Dana


"And off she went to see the world"

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